MDF Upgrade Brisbane

MDF Upgrade

MDF is basically the big telecom box or Telstra box (people often refer to as) that usually can be found in a basement, closed cupboard or Communications room and is where the main feed from the Service Provider i.e Telstra’s cabling is terminated. From here there is a bunch of cables fed to each individual unit.

MDF Upgrade Brisbane

Why Upgrade MDF ?

•As the internet is only a relatively new technology compared to standard PSTN telephone lines which have been around in Australia since the early 1960’s, you can just imagine that some of the old infrastructure suited to only operating telephones is still being utilised, however, now, that same technology and connection boxes are also driving your high speed internet connections too.

MDF Jumpering Brisbane

Slow Internet ?

•What I’m trying to get at is, if you reside within an apartment block built in the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, there’s a high chance you still have an old “wire wrap” MDF frame that is used to deliver your internet connection.

MDF Upgrade Brisbane

Your cuurent MDF

•These old school wire wrap frames are prone to dust, corrosion and interference from things like geckos and other vermin which I guarantee you, WILL affect your internet speed and connection over time. If you’ve got one of these ‘wire wrap’ frames, It’s now time you upgrade.

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Afte the Upgrade

Satisfaction Guarantee

With every one of our installations, we offer a 10 year installation warranty on our workmanship