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We are a private NBN technician service here in Brisbane. We can do all the things that NBN contractors just can’t do. If you’re looking for an NBN fault location and repair you have come to the right place.

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Need WiFi that works?

We can help you get fast and reliable internet in every room of your house 

60% Of NBN Users Will Never Have A Better Internet Service Without The Help Of A Private NBN Technician.

You call your ISP as you are having an internet problem. Your ISP run some tests then tells you that they will send out a technician to take a look and fix your problems, only to find that when the technician arrives he runs his tests, then tells you the problem is internal either with your cabling, sockets, or equipment. Then he explains that he can’t do any more to help you, and he packs up his stuff and leaves.

You then sit there wondering what the hell do I do next. Who do I call to fix this problem? About 50% of the time, when we come to these jobs after NBN has arrived we quickly discover that the issue at hand is indeed an NBN network fault. The NBN contractor who had visited your property has let you down.

So, What Happens If You Find That The Fault Is In The NBN Network?

So what happens now? This is where we can help you. With our reports, we can get NBN and your  ISP to act and take responsibility for this mistake, and a lot of the times we can get you a hundred per cent refund for the cost of our service. Because this should have been picked up by the NBN technician on the day of his visit. Why should you have to pay for this when this was an NBN problem all along.

So by using our service after you have had an NBN technician attend, and they have told you the problem was internal when we find it is a network issue, the cost of our service will be free to you, once you get a refund from your ISP.

Some ISP’s are better than others in this regard. If you are with one of the smaller providers you might have a harder time getting your money back, but if you are with one of the bigger providers such as Optus, Telstra, or TPG, then you are more likely to get them to refund the cost of our service. Sometimes they will just credit your account and you will not have to pay for your internet for the next few months.

We visit your home

A Technician will visit your house and discuss your internet/NBN problems and Test the speed and quality of your internet. 

Diagnose your NBN issues

We will test the speed and quality of your NBN, focusing on the problem areas you told us about. This allows us to identify the source of the problem and point out a solution tailored to you. The results of the testing will be shown in a handy report afterwards.

Provide solutions

We'll offer a solution to improve your NBN experience. If it's an easy fix, we'll do it on the spot! For a more complex issue, we will provide a no obligation quote. 

detailed report

If the cause of the issue is outside your property,and its an NBN responsability you will receive a report detailing the work completed, internet speed and any next steps

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